5 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Website

Reasons why you should test your website
Running a website can be tough. Find out why you should test it regularly.

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Running a website can be tough to deal with. Not only are there formal standards you have to consider, but also functional standards. That’s what testing is there for. The testing necessity is often overlooked or done carelessly. The five following points will show you why it’s vital to put some effort into testing.

1. You should do the Bug-Catching, not your customer.

In a best case scenario you launch a feature that has no bugs, no errors or unintended issues. However there will always a tiny (or huge) bug on your website – a hyperlink not opening up, a button not responding, an image not loading or a textfield not accepting letters. Often times it’s the simple bugs that slip their way on your website. Be a professional, don’t frustrate your customer!

2. Does your Website work on Android? On iOS? In Chrome? In Firefox? On your mobile device?

With so many devices available on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the same good experience on all of them. Your web page can appear differently to every user, it’s up to you to make it as smooth and pleasant as it gets. The UI tests on all the platforms take a lot of time if done manually for every single device and platform. Consider automating the testing process to guarantee the best result.

3. You are testing your website for the average user – not a programmer.

Always keep in mind who your target audience is. The general internet user just wants a website to work the way it is supposed to. So make sure the functionality and usability of your links, page navigation and website design is given. Usability testing is the key to an optimal user experience. So make a checklist of all the things that have to be tested.

4. You don’t have to constantly redesign your website.

Think of your website as you think of your favourite cafe. You don’t mind seasonal decoration or the staff changing over the years. But you enjoy the overall atmosphere and don’t want the whole place to change. Same thing applies to your website. Many business owners redesign their whole website every once in a while, because the old one had too many errors and was clunky to use. You don’t have to do that, if you constantly test your website and keep up with the standards. Don’t put a burden on your customer to constantly adapt to a whole new website for the same old product.

5. Automate the testing and focus on what your website is there for.

As a business owner, you should be able to fully focus on your business. Websites can be stressful to keep updated, secure and functioning. Treat yourself and automate the testing process so you don’t have to worry about who does the testing, when will the testing be done and how long will it take. AskYourUI aims to make your web appearance as a business owner as easy as it gets. We were tired of manual testing, so we made a software that tests your website based on human language descriptions. You don’t need a master’s degree in programming and you no longer have to google tutorials or templates. Focus on your business while we focus on your website.

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