Functional Test Automation

Our testing butler executes your UI test definitions in a human way. He addresses UI elements based on natural language descriptions and visual properties.

Save Time

We import and organize your manual test files for you. No more setup processes and freestyle testing.

Find More Bugs

By decreasing your testing overhead, we increase your test coverage.
Simple as that.


We automate manual test cases based on natural language descriptions. No scripting or coding needed.


Use our lean testmanagement suite for free:

  • Developed for agile working teams

  • Import your manual test cases via CSV or create them directly in our editor

  • Create simple and powerful test reports in our dashboard

Functional Test Automation

Automate your UI tests out of the box:

  • Automate based on your manual test cases in a human way

  • Run your tests directly in the browser without recording and get your reports in the testmanagement suite

  • Works for every platform and browser

Create Simple and Powerful Reports

View all your test reports centralized in one dashboard. You can also export each test execution report on its own in CSV format.

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We offer a lean and simple UI test solution which focuses on the needs of our partners.

Our supporters

The AskYourUI project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.